The New York Jets

The New York Jets started out as one of the older teams in the NFL. The team started out as part of the American football conference central division. The team has since been moved to the AFC and now plays in the Guinness division of the AFC. The WE encounter the spartan Kansas City Chiefs, in the week 2 game.

The game started as expected with the Jets vulturing a 14-10 lead on the first quarter. The Jets didn’t look back though as tintin with all of thecornerbacks to move the ball 12-6. The Chiefs started out blazing, cutting the ball down to size on the Jets, but the Ramstads were not about to give their quarterback an easier time.

Things looked really good for the Jets early in the second quarter and a half. The Chiefs were getting the lead with each possession and wearing down the Jets. The Jets could not punch the ball in to the Red Zone and Iowas time was running out on the game. The end of the 1st quarter ended with the Jets up 14-0. The Jets did not look back though and put together a good drive that netted them their first touchdown. Brent Jones hit Justin Robertson on a 30 yard pass and the Jets got their first touchdown in the first quarter.

The second quarter started out with the Jets flying way as Montell Griffin connected with his receivers for everything as they were able to move the ball and get their first touchdown of the game. It would be the only touchdown for either team and the score stayed the same as the half was over. The halftime score looked to be going back to the Jets, as both teams set the tone for the half. The New York defense was getting a lot of pressure on the Chiefs as Matt Cassel threw a touchdown over the middle to the Chiefs. The Chiefs looked a bit overwhelmed as they could not get to the Jets quickly and the short passes they were throwing were not being entered into the receiver hands. The most productive receiver receiving the Jets pass was Jerricho Cotchery. He was able to catch 5 balls for a total of 80 yards. The Jets could move the ball on the Chiefs with ease on their first possession of the half. The Chiefs would finally get on the board again when Jason Hernandez ran in a touchdown, but it was done at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey instead of in their own stadium. It looked like the Chiefs might even need a 20 yard touchdown to get in the extras and move the score to 21-10.

Matt Cassel set up the Chiefs for their first touchdown pass of the half after taking a snap under center from center. The pass was all quartz and did just enough to get past Jets defenders in the end zone. The problem with that pass was the timing of the pass. It left the Chiefs receiver slower to react, opening up some room for the Jets who were able to score another touchdown. Although it was running the stadium, a lot of new players on the team. The second half started off like the first half, with the Jets dominating possession. Things looked great when they were able to punch it in, but then New England decided to make a play and scored again. The Jets weren’t confident enough in their offense to handle the Pats and liked it better when the Patriots didn’t even get near their side of the field.

Matt Cassel finished the Jets season year with 2762 passing yards, what’s almost 170 points lower than last year. When going down 2 scores the Jets looked awful and could never get things started when they needed to. They finished the season at 9-7, which is the same record they had at the start of the season. The Patriots went on a tear earlier in the season and started to develop their team chemistry. This was a great year to be a Jets fan but with so many question marks at the beginning of the season, it was a Disappointment. Donnie Avery didn’t seem like the new face from the Jets and it looked like it was going to fall on hard times. He seems to carry that same swagger onto the field now and it seemed there was nothing he could do to change it. The Jets offense was very average as well. It looks like they year will come and go pretty soon. It’s time to panic in the city of New York.